Tourist spot



The Seoul Land was opened in May 1988 right begore the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games as one of the representative Theme Parks in Korea. Under the 5 different themes, Seoulland created 5theme places in the name of World Plaza, Samchulli Land, Tomrrow Land, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land.

Each place has its own characteristics for the theme and provides a lot of different amusement facilities, performances, exhibitions and events including flower festivals of Tulips, cherry blossoms and mums in different season.



Everland that has been leading the leisure and service culture of Korea plans to make another leap into the first class theme park in the world through the comprehensive entertainment service with its 30th anniversary in 2006.
Everland was founded in 1976 as the 'Yongin Nature Park' as the first family park in Korea, and has been the major contributor in bringing the domestic family entertainment culture into the world class culture, and in 1996, its name has changed to "Everland" to become the world class result

National Museum of Korea


National Museum of Korea reopens in a new magnificent construction of its own after 6 times of weary moving from its first opening in 1945. The building is 404m long, 7stories high including 1 basement and 137,690m2 wide constructed on the 307,228m2 plottage with 11,000 collections displayed in 26,780m2 exhibition area. It is composed of several galleries which are included Historical, Archeological, Donation, Fine Arts and Asian Arts. Children's Museum and Special Exhibition Galleries are offered individually.

Seoul Tower


From the highest point, Seoul Tower has been embracing the city for the last 25 years giving memories and stories to people. In 2005, Seoul Tower was reopened as N Seoul Tower. Many citizens and foreign tourists have visited the Tower and were taken by the scenic view of the city while also enjoying the nature of Namsan mountain. Seoul Tower is located on the peak of Namsan in Seoul, a city of 10 million people. Owing to the tower’s unique structure, the observatory section offers versatile views as the seasons change the appearance of Namsan. Adding to the colourful scenery of the mountain, N Seoul Tower was renovated in 2005 with newly designed high-tech multi media. N Seoul Tower now provides a new cultural space in the center of the city.



With 3 underground and 60 aboveground floors, this golden tower offers much to see such as the rooftop observation deck, I-Max Theater, the Aquarium of 63 Sea World, etc. Sea World displays 20,000 marine creatures from 400 different species. A health club(gym), shopping mall, classy restaurants, and snack bars give visitors diverse options for spending a day by the river.

Cheong-gye stream


Cheong-gye stream, the length of 10.84km and the size of a drainage basin of 59.83km2 , is a stream which flows between Chongno-Gu and Joong-Gu where is the middle of Seoul. Its restoration Project has been finished completely in July 1, 2005. With the completion of the twenty-seven month long Project, the clean and pleasant waterway came into the great delight of all Seoul citizens again. There is no doubt that Seoul would be transformed into an environment-friendly city.

Seoul Gwan Ak mountain


City of Seoul, Gwan Ak Gu, Shin Lm Dong and Gyng Gi Do, Ahn Yang City, Gwa Chun City of border mountain.

Gyung Gi 5ak include of mountain, south border of Seoul and stem through the Gwa Chun, Chung Gae mountain and Su Won of Gwang Gyo mountain..
Northwest of Seoul university, east of Gwa Chun Integrated Government Building, toward of south Ahn Yang resort. Zu Bong of period , San Jung of Young Joo Dae that Se Joo has pray for ritual for rain. .



Itaewon is special tourist zone where is popular with both foreign residents and tourists. It is honeycombed with about 2,000 shops as well as jazz bars, night clubs and exotic restaurants. In the core area around the Hamilton Hotel are clustered 1,000 shops selling leather goods, bags, clothes, shoes and tourist souvenirs. The sidewalk is fringed with about 400 roadside stalls attracting shoppers with accessories, hats, T-shirts, small gadgets and much more. Itaewon is the area most densely packed with diverse ethnic restaurants - Italian, Swiss, German, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, Thai, etc.

Dongdaemun Mart


Dongdaemun wholesale Market is one of the representative wholesale market same as Namdaemun Market in Seoul. Some of the greatest bargains can be founded at Dondaemun Market where is packed with small shops and big malls. Modern clothing malls have sprung up among the long-established older markets and these shops are open all night. Biggest items are fabrics, clothing, leather goods, women's and children's costumes, bedding, housewares, footwear, sporting goods, etc.

Zi San, Yang Zi Ski resort


It was constructed with modern resort; represent the best of condition for classic Europe style.

City of south, it represent trade mark of resort, equipment has divided with ski place, condominium, and training place.
For all the place of Zi San forest resort and Yang Zi Fine resort are best place.

Ahn Yang Bak Woon lake


The place is 36000 3636㎡, in 1953years of September Ahn Yang and Pyung Chun place they made the reservoir to delivered for the farm water.

Around the mountain, it has water which was clear and beautiful environment also the place was near by Seoul area, so many hikers visiting that place.
Also they have plenty of fish, so people can fishing, motorboat and enjoy water skiing, around the area walking road, camp place ,bungalow, lodging place, restaurant and cafe village that have lake circulation road and grand parking place so it is very comfortable